Advocacy Programs

NRAA Advocacy Programs 

NRAA’s advocacy pillar was formed to educate members of Congress on issues affecting the ESRD community and empowers members to act as advocates themselves. NRAA’s advocacy efforts strengthen their position as the leading voice of independent and community-based dialysis providers. Through building relationships with members of Congress as a dedicated Political Action Committee (PAC) and providing members with the tools to influence public policy, NRAA is able to amplify the voice of their members in Washington D.C.

Facility_Tour.jpg Facility Tours

NRAA encourages their members to invite their Congressional representatives to annual facility tours. These tours provide members with the opportunity to teach their representatives about ESRD care, how a facility operates and how the legislation they enact can impact patients. This opens the conversation with Congress as to why adequate Medicare funding is critical to improving patient care and what challenges our members currently face with the Medicare program.


DOH_Meetings_Page.png NRAA Day on the Hill

The NRAA Day on the Hill provides the opportunity to meet face to face with Representatives and Senators. Attendees can use this opportunity to tell their stories and discuss their facility’s top priorities and concerns. Many attendees bring their patients as well who add a unique perspective to the meetings and drive home the importance of adequate reimbursement and the impact on patient care. 

DOH_Meetings_Page.png NRAA Political Action Committee

NRAA formed the Political Action Committee (NRAA PAC) as a voluntary and non-profit committee of members of the NRAA, and their families. By establishing this entity, NRAA can enlist support from its membership, staff and others within the ESRD community to educate federal policymakers about issues surrounding ESRD patient care. The NRAA PAC maintains independence from affiliation with any political party or other political committees. 

Legislative Activities also include:

  • Coordinating with U.S. Senate and House leadership, Members of Congress, Senators and their staff who serve on committees with jurisdiction or have a demonstrated interest in ESRD policy to promote better understanding of our issues and encourage favorable consideration for the renal industry in legislation and federal oversight activities.
  • Communicating with the White House, Office of Management and Budget, Department of Health and Human Services and other federal agencies and commissions that develop ESRD-related regulatory policy to encourage equitable treatment for the industry in regulations and coverage determinations.
  • Informing NRAA members of legislative and regulatory policy developments through our weekly e-mail, Renal Watch, and when appropriate, encouraging the membership to weigh in on federal policy issues as they develop.

The NRAA federal advocacy activities are coordinated and carried out in consultation with the Board of Directors by the NRAA Legislative Counsel - Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas.

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