Strategic Plan

The mission of the National Renal Administrators is to serve as the resource and voice for the independent, regional and community based dialysis providers.   The leadership of the NRAA is responsible for  overseeing the development of strategies that will allow NRAA to carry out this mission.   In order to do this, NRAA Board members must implement one of the very cores of effective board governance - thinking and planning strategically.  As they lead the association through some of the most turbulent periods of change in our history, the NRAA Board strategy is to focus on critical issues and policy challenges vs. administrative details and programmatic implementation.

In order to maintain their strategic focus, the NRAA Board meets every few years with the express purpose of reviewing and refining a strategic plan for the association.   The Board engages with an outside facilitator for formal strategic planning purpose, designed to create a  three to five year blueprint for the organization's future.    This is a way to help the organization be more productive by helping guide the allocation of resources in order to achieve goals.

The NRAA leadership is committed to ongoing strategic planning because they understand that it is a must in today's fast changing environment.  Over the years, NRAA strategic planning has led to a number of new initiatives beneficial to the association:

  • Refinement of NRAA Mission Statement to reflect renewed focus on small and independent facilities providers
  • Development of benchmarking data and resources for NRAA members
  • Enhanced NRAA communications, including social networking and updated website
  • Realignment of Grassroots/Advocacy committee and increase training on grassroots efforts
  • Change in membership structure to include active and affiliate membership by company, with one vote per member.
  • Increased support for industry partners, including RSN and KCP
  • Strengthening of efforts to identify and development dynamic future leaders for NRAA

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