NRAA/RSE Workshop

Integrated Care and ESRD Seamless Care Organizations

Sponsored by NRAA and RSE

Monday, February 17 - Tuesday, February 18
2337 South International Parkway
Dallas, TX 75261
On behalf of NRAA and RSE, thank you for attending the workshop on February 17 and 18 in Dallas, TX, to learn more on the Integrated Care and ESCO! A special thank you to John Nimsky, William MacBain, and Elena Martin from Gorman Health Group for facilitating this workshop. Also, a special thank you to our speakers Diane Wish, RN, Centers for Dialysis Care, Doug Johnson, MD, DCI, and Lauren Stone, DCI.

NRAA and RSE are taking the initiative to be a productive voice in the future of integrated care care.  The goal of this workshop was to

1. Promote  the research of integrated care models, including the Medicare ESCO demonstration program.

2. Educate NRAA members to participate in a broader approach to integrated care.

3. Support members who are considering ESCO participation.
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Presentation handouts will be made available to workshop attendees.

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