Benchmarking Tool 2016 v3 Release

2016 U.S. Dialysis Industry: National Cost & Quality Benchmarking Reports Release 3
The 2016 release 3 includes updated cost metrics for 2011-2015 (nearly 1000 additional 2015 cost reports added since the prior release), plus updated clinical and quality metrics reported for calendar year 2015 from the Dialysis Facility Compare. 
New to the 2016 release 3: 
  • Reporting of the just-released 2016 Star Ratings
  • NHSN Blood Stream Infection rates (for 2014)
  • Standardized Infection Ratio for 2015
  • Summary measures from the 2015 ICH-CAHPS surveys
  • New Total ESA use measure, which combines EPOGEN, Aranesp and Mircera into one statistic based on EPO-equivalent units (methodology is detailed in the reports and interpretive guide)
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The 2016 U.S. Dialysis Industry: National Cost & Quality Benchmarking Reports are developed by the  Renal Services Exchange (RSE), in conjunction with data partner, Prima Health AnalyticsThe reports are a comprehensive set of industry financial and clinical/quality benchmarks, including virtually 100% of the dialysis facilities in the US. These reports are updated periodically throughout the year to offer the most current data available.