NRAA Launches 'NRAA Voices' - A New Online Community

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Marc Chow, NRAA Executive Director
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[Philadelphia, P.A.–February 15, 2017] The National Renal Administrators Association (NRAA) is proud to launch NRAA Voices; a new, interactive online community exclusive to NRAA members. This platform is designed to support member engagement and continue to foster open dialogue and learning for independent and community-based dialysis providers.

With NRAA Voices, members are connected to a larger community where they can learn best practices in patient care and facility management from their peers at NRAA. Members are also engaged with online education and thoughtful discussion with colleagues and industry leaders. This interactive platform also invites members to feel empowered with access to tools, products and services that are only available to NRAA members.

"With the NRAA Voices platform, members are directly networking with leading kidney care professionals and discussing real-time industry issues -a proactive approach to community building for independent providers" -Marc Chow, Executive Director.

In addition to networking opportunities through NRAA Voices, members receive discounted rates to the Annual Fall Conference and Spring Meeting, access to business tools and resources including discounted services and equipment through Renal Services Exchange and complimentary continuing education webinars through Education Station.

“NRAA voices provides members an interactive place to come together, share ideas, ask questions, and be engaged with peers in the renal community. NRAA Voices is the perfect evolution of our members-only community as we continue to find ways to innovate and grow with our members”, Karen Kelley, NRAA President.

NRAA members and its leaders continue to collaborate and innovate to help strengthen independent and community-based dialysis providers. NRAA Voices is a complimentary online community to support the efforts and activity of NRAA and its members. Site can be accessed at


About NRAA

NRAA is a voluntary organization representing dialysis providers throughout the United States. Since 1973, the diverse membership is primarily comprised of small dialysis organizations and medium-sized dialysis organizations, as well as for-profit and non-profit providers serving patients in urban, rural and suburban areas in both freestanding and hospital-based facilities. NRAA is the leading resource and voice for the independent and community-based dialysis providers. For more information, visit