Stan Langhofer Honored with 2010 Zawiski Award

Recognized for leadership to NRAA, SDO's, and ESRD patients

On Thursday, September 28, 2010 during the NRAA Annual Conference, Stan Langhofer of Kansas Dialysis Services LC in Topeka, Kansas, was presented with the 2010 Mark Zawiski Award, recognizing excellence in the dialysis industry.

Stan was cited for his service to NRAA, which includes serving as Director, President, Program Chair, NRAA GPO Board member, and taking an active role in several NRAA Committees and initiatives.
The award was presented by NRAA President Larry Emerson and Stan received a standing ovation from the audience. Presented annually at the Annual Conference, the Zawiski Award accepts nominiations from NRAA members and is voted on by a panel consisting of past Zawiski Award recipients.

In presenting the award, Larry Emerson quoted from several of the actual nominations:

“Stan has exhibited his dedication to the ESRD industry by his many years of experience in the dialysis field, and particularly his many years of leadership activities in the NRAA. His commitment to improving the care of ESRD patients and his efforts to support SDO dialysis providers make him an ideal candidate for this award.”

“Stan has been an outstanding leader for NRAA and has led this organization to new levels. He is involved in numerous kidney awareness programs including the NKF. His leadership has been key in moving this organization forward. When he was President of NRAA he held strategic planning sessions that have helped further develop the mission of NRAA being the sole voice for small providers. There is no nicer man on this planet and he deserves this award for all his time and commitment to the organization. I am proud to be able to call him my friend.”

“Stan has continued to demonstrate a level of service to our industry beyond most. He puts forth effort for our providers when there is no real value, but rather, an outlay of his own time. The independents are better off having him in our corner.”

“Stan has come from the bottom up and given each position he has held, from Technician to RN to Administrator, his 100% effort. His heart is in what he does, and all who know him understand his dedication and service to his own state, NRAA and each individual patient his system touches. His integrity has brought credibility and understanding to what may had been thought of bureaucratic relations, meetings and agency links.“

Congratulations Stan Langhofer!