Jeff Lehman Honored with 2013 Zawiski Award

Recognized for leadership to NRAA and NRAA RSE and dedication to helping independent, regional and community-based dialysis providers.

On Thursday, September 26, during the NRAA Annual Conference in Seattle,  Jeff Lehman, President of Dialysis Consulting Group and President of the NRAA Subsidiary Renal  Services Exchange (RSE), was honored as the recipient of the 2013 Mark Zawiski Award for Outstanding Leadership. The presentation was made by Larry Emerson, CEO of Dialysis Centers of Lincoln, Nebraska, and recipient of the 2012 Mark Zawiski Award.  

In the award presentation, Jeff was praised as “an individual who has been truly passionate and energetic on behalf of the small and mid- sized dialysis provider.” He was also cited for his “guts,” “perseverance,” and his “visionary” approach.

Jeff has been a member of NRAA for over 30 years.  In the early days of the NRAA, he served on the board of directors and worked alongside Mark Zawiski to provide the education, analysis, and guidance for cost reports. In so doing, he gained an expert perspective on the small businesses which care for ESRD patients and the thin edge which keeps them viable to ensure patient access and choice.

Jeff currently serves as President of the NRAA RSE, the organization that helps sustain NRAA’s advocacy and education.  He led the group through a strategic visioning process so it would serve NRAA member needs, not only today but into the future.   A hallmark of Jeff’s leadership on the RSE is his commitment to personally making sure that the right people, the right relationships and the right systems are in place at the RSE to help NRAA provider members succeed going forward.

In addition to his work for NRAA and RSE, Jeff was applauded for “doing everything he can to ensure that independent, regional and community-based providers of care for patients with chronic kidney disease have the services and products that will help them succeed. These include new forays into oral only drugs, risk management services and more as needs arise.”

The NRAA Mark Zawiski Award is presented annually at the Annual Conference.  The Award accepts nominations from NRAA members and is voted on by a panel consisting of past Zawiski Award recipients. The award is named after Mark Zawiski, a dialysis facility administrator in the Miami, Florida area, who worked his way through college as a dialysis tech and then advanced through the ranks of administration to become the Executive Director.  Mark was the President of the Florida Renal Administrators Association for many years and served as Southeastern Regional Director and Treasurer of the National Renal Administrators Association.  Upon Mark’s death at a young age, NRAA created the Award to honor him and to recognize other outstanding leaders, mentors and volunteers who are all part of the ESRD community.