NRAA honors Douglas Johnson, MD with 2014 Zawiski Award for Outstanding Leadership

Recognized for leadership in helping NRAA members envision and realize a transformative change in the way providers deliver care to people with chronic kidney disease.

On Friday, October 17, during the NRAA Annual Conference in Chicago, Doug Johnson, MD, Vice Chair of Dialysis Clinic, Inc., was honored as the recipient of the 2014 Mark Zawiski Award for Outstanding Leadership.  He was recognized for his work as a member of the Board of the NRAA Subsidiary Renal  Services Exchange (RSE), and Co-Chair of the NRAA Physician Relations Committee.  

The presentation was made by 2013 Zawiski Award winner Jeff Lehman, CEO of Dialysis Consulting Group, Seattle, Washington and President of the RSE.  

In the award presentation,   Dr. Johnson was recognized especially for serving the NRAA community with extraordinary dedication over the past year, having spent countless volunteer hours helping NRAA members understand the changes occurring in dialysis treatment and the education needed for integrated kidney care.

In 2014, he was the catalyst for two face-to-face workshops held by NRAA and RSE related to integrated kidney care and how to apply for the CMS ESCO demonstration project.  He was the author and driver of a 15-part weekly webinar series on topics related to these subjects.  Each week he organized materials and speakers for the workshops and webinars, representing almost six months of continuous effort.

As Co-Chair of the NRAA Physician Relations Committee, he has been instrumental in the programming for NRAA’s 2013 and 2014 Medical Directors Workshop and Nephrology Symposium.  Jeff Lehman pointed this out as example of his “clear commitment to sharing the cutting edge data of national and international experts with medical directors who are responsible for dialysis facilities of all sizes so that patient care and outcomes can be improved.”

In addition to his tremendous work with NRAA and RSE, Johnson was also recognized for his Board service for both Kidney Care Partners and Kidney Care Coalition, where he is actively involved in influencing issues related to the dialysis industry at the national level.   As Vice Chair of Dialysis Clinic Inc, he is part of a national non-profit organization dedicated to sharing best practices to enhance and improve patient care.   He is also an active member of the ESRD Chief Medical Officers Group, where he works with the other CMOs to prioritize educational needs and to improve the care of patients with ESRD.

For all of these reasons, Mr. Lehman pointed out that  Dr. Johnson is recognized throughout the dialysis and kidney care community as a true champion of the effort to educate patients with CKD, and the medical professionals who serve them, to improve patient outcomes and offer greater choices in their therapies.   Just as notably, he carries out this dedicated work with grace, class, a positive outlook, and a smile.   His notable good humor, enthusiasm, and compassion, combined with intellectual rigor, have successfully positioned him in a leadership role.  

The NRAA Mark Zawiski Award is presented annually at the Annual Conference.  The Award accepts nominations from NRAA members and is voted on by a panel consisting of past Zawiski Award recipients. The award is named after Mark Zawiski, a dialysis facility administrator in the Miami, Florida area, who worked his way through college as a dialysis tech and then advanced through the ranks of administration to become the Executive Director.  Mark was the President of the Florida Renal Administrators Association for many years and served as Southeastern Regional Director and Treasurer of the National Renal Administrators Association.  Upon Mark’s death at a young age, NRAA created the Award to honor him and to recognize other outstanding leaders, mentors and volunteers who are all part of the ESRD community.

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