NRAA Response to Executive Order on Advancing American Kidney Health

For Immediate Release

July 10, 2019

Marc Chow, NRAA Executive Director
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NRAA Statement in Response to Executive Order on Advancing American Kidney Health
July 10, 2019 - Earlier today, at an event hosted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, President Trump announced an Executive Order,  “Advancing American Kidney Health”, aiming to transform kidney care in the U.S. with a series of initiatives focused on creating payment models that align with slowing the progression of kidney disease, encouraging home dialysis therapies and increasing the number of transplants.  The Executive Order supports a proposed ESRD Treatment Choices (ETC) Mandatory Model to specifically encourage Home Dialysis therapies and outlined several initiatives to significantly increase transplantation including offering donors financial assistance and revising Organ Procurement rules around procurement and utilization of organs.  In addition to the payment models, President Trump announced support to encourage breakthrough technologies such as the wearable or implantable kidney.

The National Renal Administrators Association (NRAA) applauds the Administration for its commitment to modernizing and improving kidney care. As the leading voice for the independent and community-based dialysis providers, NRAA has always been a strong supporter of these initiatives and supports policies that prevent kidney disease, keep people with advanced kidney disease off dialysis longer, promote education and care coordination, and reduce the financial burden to the Medicare program.  NRAA agrees the best therapy choice is kidney transplantation and supports the efforts specific to improving transplantation rates and have proposed many recommendations to help patients achieve transplantation by removing some of the current barriers and assisting patients seeking transplant through financial and social support programs.

“Independent dialysis providers strongly support innovation, expanded treatment options, disease education and improved preventive care for patients with advanced kidney disease.  The NRAA membership looks forward to working with policy makers to continue moving the needle. HHS Secretary Azar shared his personal story of how kidney disease affects patients and their families, and we embrace and share his personal commitment to improving the lives of our patients.”  states Julie Williams, Administrator at Branson Dialysis and NRAA President.

Over the years, NRAA has strongly advocated for the testing of alternative payment models that encourage doctors to treat kidney patients earlier to prevent or delay kidney failure. This includes working to eliminate geographic restriction requirements for patients and incentivize use of home dialysis when medically appropriate.

NRAA looks forward to continue working with the Administration and Congress in a bipartisan fashion to improve care for nearly 700,000 dialysis patients in U.S. facilities. 


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